Map of Pripyat

Edition Third
ISBN 978-83-921395-3-9
Year of issue 2017
Size [cm] 97 × 67.5
Folded [cm] 14 x 22.5
Scale 1:4000
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Waterproofness HIGH
Tear resistance HIGH
Additional map Duga, Czarnobyl-2, Lisove settlement
POL language YES
ENG language YES
RUS language YES
UKR language YES
GPS grid YES

Previous editions:

Edition First Second
ISBN 978-83-921395-1-5 978-83-921395-2-2
Year of issue 2014 2016
Size [cm] 84 × 62.5 97.5 × 67.5
Folded [cm] 12 x 21 14 x 23
Scale 1:4000 1:5000
Material paper HDPE
Waterproofness LOW HIGH
Tear resistance LOW HIGH
Additional map Duga and Czarnobyl-2
POL language YES YES
ENG language NO YES
RUS language YES YES
UKR language NO YES

Second edition

First edition

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I wish you a successful exploration of Pripyat using this map.

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